Friday, March 9, 2018

Latest things going on at Dyna-Ski Boats

It has been an interesting time with everything going on around here and at the boat shop.  The boat shop is completely moved to the 50,000 square foot building.  Of course stuff was found in the move and other stuff is lost temporarily in the new expanse!  Parts storage area has been reworked a couple times so that is why stuff is lost and found!  More people are being added to the staff.  People have been let go, quit, stopped showing up, taken a position and not even shown up . . . . . . lots of workforce growing pains.  Lots of training going on.  The workforce is now mainly women.  Seems they are more attentive to fine details and train easier I am told.  New equipment being installed, lots of new equipment.  New spray booths, a clean area, upholstery area, new furnaces and stuff you'd never even imagine or want to pay for. All the repair work, molds, trailers, etc. are all inside.  I don't think they have a sign on the building which is still near Iola, WI. 

Now the bad. I fell down attempting a quad axle figure skating jump and broke my right leg near the hip. Messed up my right knee too.  I guess I should not have been watching the Olympics?  Actually I fell on the icy sidewalk at my house but that true story is not very interesting.  I had surgery and spent 2 weeks in the hospital.  As you know they don't like to keep you in the hospital so you know this is not good.  I am now home recovering for a long time unfortunately.  Visits a couple times a week by a nurse, OT and PT.  I cannot drive and have to use a walker to walk.  It sucks to be me is putting it nicely. Recovery is 2 to 4 months.  

Outboard motors:   

Mercury has eliminated some models including the 150 Optimax two stroke.  The 150 four stroke they introduced a couple years ago is still available. They have introduced a new light (481 lbs.) V-6 four stroke 209 cubic inch motor.    

This model is available in 175, 200 & 225 horsepower and also replaced the inline 4 cylinder Verado models.  The still make the supercharged 6 cylinder inline Verado motors. Shipping is reportedly in April.  We are building a 20' Open Bow that will be getting the new V-6 (200 HP) and I am very anxious to run this boatDigital Throttle and Smart Tow will be on this package which is similar to "Perfect Pass" speed control. 

All Yamaha V-6 motors are not available until April of 2019.

Evinrude is still making the V-6 E-Tec 135 HO and 150 but they no longer have all the parts to make it digital shift and throttle available from them.  The mechanical controls are decent but it is hard to convince people once they use the digital controls on anything.  The small block G2 is bigger and heavier than the older E-Tec motors it is supposed to replace.  Smaller boats which these motors go on tend to be weight and load sensitive so manufacturers are not liking the heavier, taller, weight further back motors.

WARNING: If you send Dyna-Ski an email and your return address is a G-Mail account there can be a problem.  Check your spam folders please. The problem is not on our end as nothing has changed and some g-mail addresses work just fine.  We are trying to come up with a new approach to fix a new email problem again.  The good old post office looks good some days to old school people like me.

That about covers the new, the bad and the problems as of today.   

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