Sunday, June 16, 2019

It has been a long slow process . . . . . .

 I have wanted to build better and more Dyna-Ski boats, make improvements and add some additional models for several years.  The former boat builder just wanted me to charge more while his quality dropped with ever increasing lead time and prices.  Not good at all for customers or Dyna-Ski.

The past year it was taking them a year from the day a Dyna-Ski boat was ordered (and paid for by me) until it was finally ready for the customers.  So a change had to be made!  I gave it over a year of carefully weighed thought.

I seriously considered pulling the plug on Dyna-Ski however my passion for Dyna-Ski Boats took over and I found a better solution.  The former boat builder was helpful initially when he thought I was pulling the plug or selling. Then after he realized I just moved, he was not cooperative and still is not.  The time with him had its ups and many downs (in particular the past two years) so it was time to do something.  I also made the decision knowing that it would take time to get a new builder up to speed.  Little did I remember from changing builders in the distant past how much work and time it required.  

The first major new unexpected issue that I ran into was many expensive molds had not been kept up by the former builder.  I now don't think he knew how to fix and maintain the molds.   So we slowly fixed the molds.    

The new boat builder had plenty of their own orders to fill.  Building Dyna-Ski boats is different than what they were familiar with doing.  I decided it was best to allow them to go slow and not make mistakes from hurrying.  The Dyna-Ski products will be much better in the end I firmly believe.

The new builder not having an interior and cover shop has been a big problem. 

Fishing boat interiors are simple. They have simple seats that can be bought from lots of places. Water Ski Boats need full high quality interiors.  It may surprise you when I tell you that some of the inboard water ski boat builders all use the same interior company.  Seriously.  The motors are all pretty much the same too.  It is all cheaper for cookie cutter boats.  Dyna-Ski Boats builds custom made to order boats so using a cookie cutter interior shop was not something I wanted to do and never will. Shipping interiors one at a time is a killer cost wise too. They do semi loads for the bigger companies.  The first interior guy that seemed qualified, local and very interested turned out to be a flake (so far).  Finding people that are qualified that can and will do the work timely had been a huge task. Logistics is also a concern.  It appears I have finally solved the interior issue. 

So now it is time to build the best outboard powered water ski boats in the world.   

Your patience is appreciated and Dyna-Ski customers will all benefit in the long run.  I have done what is best for Dyna-Ski too.  It has been hard on me as Dyna-Ski Boats is my passion.



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  Enjoy it and tell everyone and anyone.