Sunday, December 17, 2017

Happy Holidays!

As 2017 comes to an end I want to wish everyone 
Happy Holidays!  

We've been busy and continue to be busy this winter.  Boat Builder John (BBJ) has been moved into the 50,000 square foot building from the 4,800 square foot building for over a year.  He moved from the west side of Iola to the east side of Iola, WI.  Lots of remodeling has been going on and will likely continue for a couple years. Employees have been added and more will be added as the work load increases greatly.  The building was formerly a magazine publishing company so lots of changes needed to be made.

BBJ and crew are building Dyna-Ski Boats, Recon Fishing Boats and a line of Air Boats for a company that relocated to the US from Canada.  In addition to this they still do interiors, covers and repairs with a little storage as the building is a little bigger than we need currently.

New Dyna-Ski 17.6 & 20' Boats are being built this winter. Some of these boats are getting the latest motor offerings from Evinrude and Mercury.  Customers are ordering Evinrude G2 and Mercury Verado Engines.

 We are working on bringing back the 17.6 XB Closed Bow that Hydrodyne built in the late 1980's and early 1990's.  It will likely be offered as a plain simple water ski boat with few options. Call or email me if you are interested in knowing more.  Email is and phone is 715-854-7501.

There is still time to order a new Dyna-Ski and get it this summer as of today but keep in mind orders keep rolling in.  Boat Builder John is very busy so please don't call him and ask questions.  They will just tell you to call Pete.  What are you waiting for?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Don't try this at home!

There is a water ski show team that is very well known.  They are in a tourist heavy area of Wisconsin.  Their boat was recently used in an ad on the back cover of USA Water Ski Magazine which claims 15,000 members.

Dyna-Ski Boats and the engine manufacturers don't suggest you try this at home or anywhere else. 

It is amazing given how they treat the 20' Closed Bow Dyna-Ski twin motored boat 
how long it has lasted. A recreational user of a Dyna-Ski Boat should get a life time of trouble free  boat use with reasonable care given the practices some of our water ski show team owners have.
Below is the most interesting picture I have of the boat.

People send me pictures of this boat more often than any other Dyna-Ski Boat that we have sold over the years.  Again don't try this anywhere at anytime.  Rumor is that the driver has fallen out in the past. Lucky no one drown I think.  Motors have not fared as well I hear.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

How to purchase a Dyna-Ski Boat plus Standard Equipment & Options Links

 The design of blogs do not allow a person to easily go thru them so here are links to how to purchase and equip your new Dyna-Ski Boat which I am getting lots of interest in right now.

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Face Book and Social Media

I don't really use Facebook.  I have Face Book.  Sorry but since I don't use Face Book I don't friend anyone, even my wife.  I really don't have the time for social media other than the Dyna-Ski website, this blog, emails and phone calls (remember those?).  I also work in the Television Sports business.

Dyna-Ski is on Face Book.  My high school aged son John runs the Dyna-Ski Face Book. 

A water ski friend Jim has set up another Face Book. It is Dyna-Ski Enthusiasts.

Dyna-Ski has a UTube channel and son John Pfankuch has a UTube channel.  John takes care of the UTube stuff.

So there you have it.  Enjoy the new Face Book presence and don't forget about the others. Join them all even if you don't own a Dyna-Ski Boat.

Orders for Dyna-Ski Boats continue to come in along with orders for Recon Fishing Boats.  Please do not contact Recon Boats directly if you are interested in Dyna-Ski.  Boat Builder John does not have enough time either and requests for Dyna-Ski overload him more than he is already.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Dyna-Ski Open Bow Videos

We now have a video for 20' Open Bow Boats:  

Along with a video for the 17.6 Open Bow Dyna-Ski Boats:

Enjoy the new and old videos.

For more information:
 Phone 715-854-7501

Sunday, August 20, 2017

20' Open Bow seat of the pants use.

We shot a new Dyna-Ski video the other day.  My water ski friends Micki and Jon brought their 20' Open Bow with an Evinrude 200 HO over for the day along with their kids and a few extras.  My 16 year old son was also a big part of the whole production.  I had made a list of the shots I wanted for the new video.  My day job is in the television business.  I edited video for about 30 years.  Now I work on live sporting events to pay the bills. But that is another long story. Yes I am "old".  My then 15 year old son did the 17.6 video that has been online for about a year with very little input from dad.

The weather man gave us a nice warm day but it was fairly windy so it is a real world look at how Dyna-Ski boats perform and are used by owners, their kids, friends, my neighbor, my son and me.  I learned first hand what it is like to water ski with a bunch of kids that also like to ride in the boat.  It was somewhat of a real eye opener and a great experience.  I learned a lot.  The three color Dyna-Ski is a 2012 model they purchased new so they are on their fifth summer with it.  It sits on a boat lift at Jon's mother's house.  Their boat is cleaner than they come from the factory!  Jon said it was a little dirty.  I laughed, my boat is filthy then!  Maybe we need to hire Jon and the kids to clean our boats?  It has snap on covers and sits covered on a boat lift with a canopy just like my boat does.  The trailer sits in the garage. Jon is an engineer and Micki owns a graphics company.  The Dyna-Ski 20' Open Bow has a three color interior.  It has a 200 HO with ICON digital shift and throttle. It is very smooth. The boat has a radio which Jon installed.  This 20' Open Bow has the sun deck with huge storage space.  I asked mother Micki various questions about their typical use of the boat.

Micki assured that they use the storage space and said it is perfect size wise.  I often thought it was to large.  She said "no"!  They keep the boat on a 120 acre lake and cannot ski without going out a ways from the dock.  We ski right off the end of our dock.  So they take skis in and out a lot.  I asked about the interior seating and was told it is "great".  The kids love to ride in the front and driver Jon ran it numerous time across the large fairly rough lake I live on wide open which is into the low 50's on the GPS speedometer with up to three kids in the bow seats. The prop is a 17" four blade prop.  Their oldest (girl) is 12 or 14?  Lake Noquebay (2410 acres) was fairly rough so we went across the lake to ski sometimes and shoot video where it was calmer but had more boat traffic.  The drone video was all shot near my house where it was much rougher than we usually ski on.  Jon said the water was a typical day skiing on Kelly Lake but with less boat traffic.  I guess that I am spoiled?

The 20' Open Bow video will be edited and appear on Utube as soon as it is near perfect. 

It is obvious that Micki, Jon and their kids love their 20' Open Bow Dyna-Ski. Here are some pictures of how his dash is set up with digital gauges and a radio.  Jon like me prefers an analog gas gauge which is the one furthest to the right. The radio is a "cheap" one he bought on line. It worked well with no visible antenna.

I need to learn how to program the gauges to get this display.
Jon has removed the other 3" gauge and installed the radio in its place.
The speakers which were installed at the boat shop
As I said the boat is super clean! 

Jon will be happy to give you a demo 
if you come to his mother's place in Wisconsin and fit into their busy schedule.
 Just email me at and I'll put you in touch.

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Refueling your boat the easy way?

I have owned boats since 1987.  Yes I am old.  I started skiing and hauling gas in the early 1970's for boats kept on the lake.  Ouch.  If you can buy gas on your lake it is usually pricey.  If you cannot you have been hauling gas since you bought the boat because taking the boat out of the lake to refuel it is not fun and takes time.  If your boat is not kept on the lake this blog post is not as useful although we fuel lots of the off road things this way.  I always suggest that you use gas that contains NO ETHANOL in all your off road motors.  I also use the red Stabil in all this gas.  I buy a lot of off road gas.  I buy Stabil by the gallon.  I have many plastic gas cans.  I have a pair of 24 gallon gas docks. Gas Docks use gravity also. Gas cans and this siphon method is the best for boats.

Putting gas into the boat or other off road things with gas cans without spilling has always been a challenge not to mention the strain on a persons back and arms until now.  I usually use the coaster wagon to haul the 6 gallon gas cans to the boat as the wagon fits easily on the dock and holds 3 gas cans. Less carrying heavy gas cans.

I use a fairly cheap siphon 
I bought at a hardware store to transfer the gas! 

The siphon process is started by shaking or moving the end that goes in the can up and down.  No sucking on the hose!  The clear plastic tube allows you to see the gas flowing.  If you tilt the gas can just right and adjust the siphon hose correctly you can get every drop of gas.   No spills as long as you hold the siphon end up when you are finished and the other end of the hose is in the gas tank filler neck! 

 I watch all the gas siphon out of the gas can because if the hose comes out of the gas tank filler end the gas will still flow.  Gravity does not stop working until the gas can is empty or the suction process is broken.

The simple siphon

The end that goes in the gas can

What are you waiting for?  
Go buy an under $10 back and spill saver!
I found them in the marine area and also in the lawn mower section.  You can always ask!