Thursday, July 27, 2017

Refueling your boat the easy way?

I have owned boats since 1987.  Yes I am old.  I started skiing and hauling gas in the early 1970's for boats kept on the lake.  Ouch.  If you can buy gas on your lake it is usually pricey.  If you cannot you have been hauling gas since you bought the boat because taking the boat out of the lake to refuel it is not fun and takes time.  If your boat is not kept on the lake this blog post is not as useful although we fuel lots of the off road things this way.  I always suggest that you use gas that contains NO ETHANOL in all your off road motors.  I also use the red Stabil in all this gas.  I buy a lot of off road gas.  I buy Stabil by the gallon.  I have many plastic gas cans.  I have a pair of 24 gallon gas docks. Gas Docks use gravity also. Gas cans and this siphon method is the best for boats.

Putting gas into the boat or other off road things with gas cans without spilling has always been a challenge not to mention the strain on a persons back and arms until now.  I usually use the coaster wagon to haul the 6 gallon gas cans to the boat as the wagon fits easily on the dock and holds 3 gas cans. Less carrying heavy gas cans.

I use a fairly cheap siphon 
I bought at a hardware store to transfer the gas! 

The siphon process is started by shaking or moving the end that goes in the can up and down.  No sucking on the hose!  The clear plastic tube allows you to see the gas flowing.  If you tilt the gas can just right and adjust the siphon hose correctly you can get every drop of gas.   No spills as long as you hold the siphon end up when you are finished and the other end of the hose is in the gas tank filler neck! 

 I watch all the gas siphon out of the gas can because if the hose comes out of the gas tank filler end the gas will still flow.  Gravity does not stop working until the gas can is empty or the suction process is broken.

The simple siphon

The end that goes in the gas can

What are you waiting for?  
Go buy an under $10 back and spill saver!
I found them in the marine area and also in the lawn mower section.  You can always ask!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Used one season motors and more.

I have access to outboard motors often used for one season or less as well as new motors.  Occasionally there are some used two season motors also.  The motors I resell are a great bargain.  They normally have the balance of the new motor warranty, some even have full warranty.  Motor warranties are as long as 10 years in some cases. The shortest ones are 3 years although I could be wrong on this length.

 Dyna-Ski 20' Open Bow with 225 HO Evinrude

We make our money on boats and not motors or trailers.  Dyna-Ski Boats purchases motors and trailers as an OEM (original equipment manufacturer) which is below dealer costs.  Some "used" motors are off my personal and demo boats.  I don't always sell my demo boats as the time to build demo boats is limited due to the number of boats we are starting to build.  We are building boats year round now.  It has sped up some aspects of the business but with a longer line it now takes longer to get your ordered Dyna-Ski Boat.

 Dyna-Ski 17.6 Open Bow with 150 Evinrude

In addition to Dyna-Ski Boats the boat shop also builds Recon Fishing Boats.  Like Dyna-Ski Boats Recon Fishing Boats are pretty much all made to order although Recon uses a dealer network to sell their boats.  Dyna-Ski prefers to sell our custom made to order boats directly as it saves the customer money.  Buyers also get exactly what they want not what some dealer has in stock.  It does take longer.  Sorry.  Dealers normally are happy to service any boat as service, accessories and storage are the best profit centers for a dealer.  You should take your Evinrude motor to an Evinrude Dealer and Mercury Motor to a Mercury Dealer, etc. to get warranty service which I hope is obvious? You would not take your Ford to a Chevy dealer for specific warranty repairs would you?

The motors I help ski teams sell are only from ski teams with Dyna-Ski boats and ones that I know very well.

 Three of the Must Skis 20' Closed Bow Dyna-Ski Boats

Used one and two season motors usually work very well as the "bugs" have normally been found and fixed during the first year.  The old saying is "if it does not break in the first year it isn't going to" seems to hold true.  Motor break in time seems to be a thing of the past although oil consumption does go down some after using the motor around 10 hours or so and sometimes the motor picks up a few RPM's on the top end after this time period I have observed.  Fuel efficiency and reduced oil consumption by the new outboard motors still amazes me compared to older boat motors.  A couple of my friends have 1980's and 1990's vintage outboard motors and while they still run good they buy a lot of gasoline.

 A dangerous and rare 5 level pyramid preformed by the Beaverland Must Skis

You can still order a Dyna-Ski Boat with a new outboard motor and some buyers still do as the supply and choices of used motors are limited and often these motors sell quickly.  Before I started up Dyna-Ski Boats I used to re-power my personal Hydrodyne 17.6 ski boat every 3 or 4 years.  I would buy a used one season ski team motor in the fall and sell my used 150 in the spring.  The motor warranty was only one year back then but I always had decent luck doing this.  I benefited from the latest improvements and it cost me about $500 per year I figured. Now I re-power the family ski boat every year or two because I own Dyna-Ski Boats so I can.  We normally have several water ski boats here to choose from but I sold my demo.  It went to Malaysia and the replacement will be built when they catch up from building new boats.  The new Evinrude G2 150 sits in the crate on the floor of my storage building.  So there may be an Evinrude G2 150 with no hours available come fall.  I personally prefer Evinrudes and part of the reason is the terms they offer Dyna-Ski for using them and putting them on our blog and website.

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