Friday, November 16, 2018

BIG NEWS at Dyna-Ski Boats

Dyna-Ski Boats has a new boat builder.  We have moved to a new manufacturer with the ability and capacity to build more boats, better boats with less waiting time! 

There will be some long awaited improvements to the boats along with a new model or two perhaps. With a larger capacity manufacturing company with a bigger, more skilled labor force and an engineer owner some of the changes I have wanted to make for years will finally be happening.  The former boat builder could not keep up let alone make improvements I'm embarrassed to say. Our lead time had grown to an unacceptable length also.  When you order your new Dyna-Ski I will be able to give you firm dates when your boat will be finished. The limiting factors will be the trailer and motor companies not the boat builder.

Moving to a new boat builder is allowing us to concentrate on doing other things finally.  Some of the updates you will be able to put on your Dyna-Ski but now you may actually have to think about selling the old Dyna-Ski and getting a new improved Dyna-Ski.  We are also finally working on adding some Dyna-Ski clothing and even hats.

You should check in here a little more often as things are a changing at Dyna-Ski finally and this blog will keep you informed. 


Friday, March 9, 2018

UPDATE: Latest things going on at Dyna-Ski Boats

It has been a long, rough year at Dyna-Ski Boats. We are making some big changes with more to come. Please check back here for the latest or email me to learn what is happening. Once it is set it is sure to set the outboard water ski world on it's head.

Outboard motors:   

Mercury has eliminated some models including the 150 Optimax two stroke.  The 150 four stroke they introduced a couple years ago is still available. They have introduced a new light (481 lbs.) V-6 four stroke 209 cubic inch motor.   

This model is available in 175, 200 & 225 horsepower and also replaced the inline 4 cylinder Verado models.  The still make the supercharged 6 cylinder inline Verado motors. Shipping is reportedly in April.  We are building a 20' Open Bow that will be getting the new V-6 (200 HP) and I am very anxious to run this boatDigital Throttle and Smart Tow will be on this package which is similar to "Perfect Pass" speed control. 

All Yamaha V-6 motors are not available until April of 2019.

Evinrude is still making the V-6 E-Tec 135 HO and 150 but they no longer have all the parts to make it digital shift and throttle available from them.  The mechanical controls are decent but it is hard to convince people once they use the digital controls on anything.  The small block G2 is bigger and heavier than the older E-Tec motors it is supposed to replace.  Smaller boats which these motors go on tend to be weight and load sensitive so manufacturers are not liking the heavier, taller, weight further back motors.

WARNING: If you send Dyna-Ski an email and your return address is a G-Mail account there can be a problem.  Check your spam folders please. The problem is not on our end as nothing has changed and some g-mail addresses work just fine.  We are trying to come up with a new approach to fix a new email problem again.  The good old post office looks good some days to old school people like me.

That about covers the new, the bad and the problems as of today.