Sunday, August 21, 2016

17.6 Open Bow with a wrap around interior

I have been taking more pictures, we are shooting videos and working on a couple UTube videos. 17.6 Open Bow with a three color wrap around interior with snap on bow and cockpit covers

  17.6 Open Bow with a 150 Evinrude son John at the wheel
Bow Seating

There is a lot of storage space with this interior
There is space under all the seats with enough room and length under the passenger bench seat for a boom and hylon.
Drivers side
Optional AM/FM Radio
Passenger Side Bench

Seating area behind the passenger bench seat
Behind the drivers seat

There are two speakers total in this boat
Typical Dyna-Ski Dash
with GPS Speedometer and analog gauges.
Evinrude Recessed Control
The mechanical control with cables and the ICON Digital Control look identical  
3" ICON Digital Speedometer
Almost every boat we have built has a GPS Speedometer
2" Analog Trim Gauge
2" Analog Fuel Gauge
3" ICON Digital Tachometer
3" Analog System Check Tachometer
2" Analog Water Pressure Gauge

 2" Programmable ICON Gauge
Optional paddle wheel pickup has depth and water temperature
The dash can be filled with 4 of these ICON gauges and you can program all of them for different things if you desire. Most boats have 3" GPS Speedometer, 3" System Check Tachometer, 2" analog fuel, trim and water pressure gauges with a 2" programmable ICON gauge or 2" analog voltmeter.

Switch Panel
 3" ICON Tachometer & 3" GPS Speedometer 
Three 2" dedicated function gauges and
 one 2" ICON programmable used as a depth gauge
which requires a transom mounted paddle wheel pickup.
This Dyna-Ski has digital shift and throttle which is only available 
on V-6 Evinrude engines. 

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