Monday, January 18, 2016

Dyna-Ski Videos

It is time to start putting some videos on the web.  My son (high school age) John has made a couple and you can to.  If you send me a video that I put a link to on my web I'll send you something.  I have not decided what it will be as I don't know if I'll be swamped with stuff or not.  I don't know how long I'll continue the offer as I just decided to do it this weekend while watching the Green Bay Packers lose in the playoffs so the offer may be cancelled at any time.

The first video is 17.6 Open Bows.

This video is a patented wake shaping device.  It can make the boat wake much bigger without ballast in the boat.  A friend over in Michigan came up with the product and tested it on an old 17.6 Hydrodyne I have around for messing with. The motor is an old 112 hp.  Roger is working on the next step in the development of the product.


This video is Dyna-Ski Boats in use at the 2015 Wisconsin State Water Ski Show Tournament.

The only rule is keep it clean so if your mother or father see it they won't mind and try to keep the length reasonable.



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