Wednesday, July 25, 2012

17.6 Wake

Here is a picture we took the other day of the wake behind a 17.6 at 20 MPH (GPS) with my 11 year old son skiing.   Rope length is 75'.  Motor is a 150 Evinrude.  Gas tank about 1/2 full.

Below are some pictures taken a couple years ago with a 115.  Ropes are 85'
They got up on skis and stepped off with 3 adults & 1 child in the boat.
Backwards and Forward Barefooting

Backwards Barefoot Deep is easy to pull with a 115. 
Just punch it and ease off as the footer comes up to back footing speed.

Flat Wing Kite behind an Open Bow 17.6 with 150 Mercury

Human Tow Rope on a BI V Drive Boom. 
Please don't try this without proper instruction.

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