Friday, November 16, 2018

BIG NEWS at Dyna-Ski Boats

Dyna-Ski Boats has a new boat builder.  We have moved to a new manufacturer with the ability and capacity to build more boats, better boats with less waiting time! 

There will be some long awaited improvements to the boats along with a new model or two perhaps. With a larger capacity manufacturing company with a bigger, more skilled labor force and an engineer owner some of the changes I have wanted to make for years will finally be happening.  The former boat builder could not keep up let alone make improvements I'm embarrassed to say. Our lead time had grown to an unacceptable length also.  When you order your new Dyna-Ski I will be able to give you firm dates when your boat will be finished. The limiting factors will be the trailer and motor companies not the boat builder.

Moving to a new boat builder is allowing us to concentrate on doing other things finally.  Some of the updates you will be able to put on your Dyna-Ski but now you may actually have to think about selling the old Dyna-Ski and getting a new improved Dyna-Ski.  We are also finally working on adding some Dyna-Ski clothing and even hats.

You should check in here a little more often as things are a changing at Dyna-Ski finally and this blog will keep you informed.